The rationality of argumentation essays

So next, let’s talk about the third point, the third point, a kind of cognition that is not easy to be found. If you do not have the time and desire, then essayreviews247.com  he can write an essay for you.

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Logical personalization

What does the so-called logical personalization mean? That is to say, the "logic" used by the students in the writing process is not a logic that can be objectively tested, but a reasoning completely derived from personal perception.

This problem is most common in the process of helping my classmates to change their composition. Even most of the time, the revision of the composition is to improve the logic expression of the students' personalization and to improve the logic expression of a kind of public.

If factual personalization is a common problem for students in the use of materials, then logical personalization is a common problem for students in argumentation. The most common problem is logical "climbing" or "slipping".

In other words, personal expressions that are inconsistent with objective facts are most likely to occur, which is to over-exaggerate the benefits or disadvantages of an action.

Let’s take an example, for example, look at a fragment of a student’s composition.

We are disgusted with those who often say: "Isn't this what?". It is precisely because of their disrespectful attitude towards new things, which not only hurts authors or artists, but even when there are too many such people. The whole society will lose confidence in creation. Imagine an artist is told that his creation is nothing more than "plagiarism" on the basis of his predecessors.

What motivation does he have to create? …

First of all, let’s disassemble this argument. For a new work, it’s okay to say "Isn’t this..." and it’s no problem to disrespect new things. If you do too much, you will lose confidence in the creation.

No problem, but the following argument began to slip-we used old knowledge to cover new knowledge, similar to how I often play table tennis, when I saw tennis for the first time, and said, "Isn't this a bigger table tennis?" Behavior, but if it rises to the term “plagiarism”, it is a slippery expression of the phrase “isn’t this what it is”.

I say tennis is a big point of table tennis, tennis is not to say that plagiarism table tennis, this logic itself, it is a personal reverie and exaggerated, in exercises it is easy for teachers to produce an inexplicable feeling. There are a number of papersmart reviews  that grant professional and best-written essays on your assigned topic under your specified delivery time. 

At this time, the publicization of logic is more important-the causal reasoning in the composition is not greater than who makes a problem good or bad, but more important, it conforms to the facts and conforms to the logic. .

Therefore, whether it is the publicization of value, the publicization of facts, or the publicization of logic, what is conveyed by the three words "publicization" in the argumentation is that the objective and rational value orientation must be in The most important thing in the current process.

Therefore, in the first text strategy of the argumentation essay system, what we need to bring students to reflect is such a "public" value, and "de-personalization" in thinking is the way to get a high score The first priority is cognitive reserve.

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